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As you might or might not have known. My home state of Kerala is in crisis. Torrential monsoon rains which are 200% above the average have lead to a series of floods across the state which has send the state into chaos. 35 dams have their shutters open which has lead to large scale flooding across the state. There is no district which is not bearing the blunt of this disaster and movement of supplies and people across the state has come to a standstill. 324 lives have been lost with almost 2 quarters of that in the last 2 days alone.  Now thousands of people are stuck on their rooftops with rations running low and thousands are in relief camps not knowing what is to be of their lives after this. 

In short, this is the most critical moment in my states history and we need your help. I am sending this specifically to friends who are not in India, cause we need all the help we can get. I kindly urge you to donate generously to the Chief Ministers relief fund (link attached). It is 100 % legit and also would put to use best way it can. I also need your help to spread the word about this and ask your friends and family to be aware of this situation. 

Kerala has given me everything and I feel I owe everything to this small beautiful state. It shatters my heart to see my people suffer and for me to not to able to do anything. I hope you can empathise and help us.

But trust me when I say this, Kerala will be back on its feet and when it does, this state will become the example of how people helped each other in times of great distress and we hope to welcome you back soon to the most beautiful state in this country.

Donate the the link below –










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