“ I dont like time” – I made a note of this when she said it cause, it was the first time anyone has elucidated all that is wrong with the human condition so gracefully.


Was she just crazy?

So once we got back from Kizhi to Petro, It was time to eat something proper in a day.

A quick bite of bbq later and we are back at the station, it starts raining now. The weather is a little bit under the weather at the moment, and we decide to invade the railway station. We are setting up shop there until our train comes the next day morning. Actually, this is where Amar and I split, I am going to Moscow and Amar is going to St Petes cause I am flying off to Kaliningrad and he is chilling in St Petes till then. So we are in the train station. We venture out to get something to eat at night and the only interesting thing we find was a sex shop. I haven’t seen a hospital in this town and there it is, in all its glory, a sex shop. ( In case you are wondering, it was closed at that time)

Then back to the station, finding charging ports in the waiting rooms was a challenge. So I finally found one near the entrance and was braving through the cold to charge our hardware. Thought I would write some bit there, but “destiny” had other plans as destiny’s child found me. She comes out of nowhere and says – “ Hello, you are Indian?” I was like yah, how could you tell?

“The way you sit, with your legs folded in. Only Indian’s do that. “

I was like either she must have read the Kamasutra ( Not just the pictures bois, that doest count as reading) or she was like those weird Indophile, Osho, guru crap people. She was neither. She was Mariana. From St Petes. She had a swing at the Amma ashram in Kerala. I don’t want talk to much about ashrams and stuff cause there is nothing there that interests me.


Yah back to Mariana. She had seen a lot of India, Hrishikesh, Kerala, Kanyakumari and a host of other place for some reason. She looked really cool and super interesting at this point. ( And her English was great). She asks me if she can use internet for some time. I was chill with that. I gave her my phone and we stared talking. She calls herself a shaman, she says she has the power to effect how the universe functions and that right now her energy is in a state of flux where she cant control it due to something which happened with some people in St Petes in 2014. ( No, she wasn’t on drugs)

I was like, OK, the most awesome people are the ones that are a bit strange, so I was like, yah. Boom shiva, Karma Dharma, Har Har Mahadeva and all that shit. ( I gotta at least try to act like I know shit about India)

Then I asked her where she is going?
She was like, I don’t know, I will go where the universe takes me. I wanna go to Murmansk but I don’t have any money. I asked her where she was staying in Petro and she said, she slept in the park yesterday.( It was freezing with rain yesterday). I got genuinely worried about that women at that point. I could see there was good inside her, but this was just a little bit too for me.

It was one of the most eccentric, but meaningful conversations I have had in my life. But I didn’t get a positive vibe out of it. She started looking over my friends on Facebook. She could tell a lot about them from their pictures. She found all the tossers up straight. ( Maybe she is a Shaman after all. Or cockheads put their picture to look like a cockheads)

Then it got too cold to sit down near the entrance, we decide to go up to the sitting room. It was warmer there. She had drained all the power from my phone by then. There the sun came up( At 2.45). She started taking photos. I have to tell you, with the sun behind her, her hair turns gold and she looks really beautiful. Like in a way which spreads positive energy. Maybe this is what she was talking about. She told she had a golden aura while she was in India, and lost it in St Petes in 2014. It was believable.

She didn’t like the vibe of the sitting room she said, ( I told you she might be crazy). She didn’t say a reason and left. I went to sleep, next to Amar and at like 6 am she brought us gifts. A pine corn and an azure green stone. I was genuinely taken aback. Wow, a gift. Maybe she really likes us. We were too much in confusion over the sleep to do anything meaningful. We said thank you and she left again. We went to sleep. And next time I woke up the police wanted to see all my documents again. I guess they got suspicious seeing two Indians guys set up camp at a railway station. ( In India, whole families live there). After that we wanted to go out for breakfast. While we were going out, we see Mariana surrounded by cops and sort of an interrogation. I wanted to invite her for breakfast, but the cops made me wanna wait. And after we came back, it was just like how she came into the story. Gone without a trace.

I messaged her, but I didn’t get any replies. Its strange. Its life. But what epitomises the whole interaction are her 4 words
-“ I don’t like time “