I get off at the station and slept while waiting for my free train. Then when it eventually came, found my seat and tried my best to sleep. The angle that the seats in seater trains are fucking made so that its uncomfortable for you to sleep. Its fucked up. But somehow I managed to get back to Moscow and then to Andrey’s apartment and then I hit the bed. I met Pasha and Pasha’s friend Gula who had come to India and knows a lot about Kerala. It was real cool. Then I hit the bed to doze off till like 10 pm. Gommale, it was the best sleep in days. I might think my body can take anything, but without proper sleep and nutrition, it is not going to last. ( Keep that in mind Yadu).

When I woke up Andrey came and he had a friend with him. His name was Viktor. He was the kind of Russian dude you saw being trained to kill Rambo or some shit. He was big and he was build, but when he smiles, its like a 12 year old kid suddenly comes out all of that. He’s got a sweet smile. So we were exchanging what kind of music we like to listen to. I played theyyame ( The drunk mallu anthem) and they liked it. They showed me Russian hip-hop and I was really impressed by the flow. Then as the conversation was going, I said I usually listen to music while I drive. That is when Viktor made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. -“ You drive Russian car?” 

I was like, are you serious. Fuck yah. That would be the coolest things to do. And I did, we went down to his car and he took us to the deserted intersection where there weren’t a lot of people. I strapped in and put the keys in the ignition and before I knew it, I was driving a Russian car which is a left hand drive. It felt amazing. More so cause I only recently learned to drive manual as my mom’s car is automatic. I am so thankful to Viktor for letting me drive it.


Then we went to a victory park. There are a lot of these victory parks in Russia to commemorate the sacrifices and the remind citizens just how much the country had to go through during world war 2.

Here they showed me the last line of defence against the Germans. In 1942 Germany had advanced till Cheremunshki and was just 20 km away from taking over Moscow. So women and children volunteered to build this trench which would make it difficult for armoured advancement. This selfless act by the women and children of Moscow is commemorated here. They showed me two guns which were used for the defence of Moscow against the Luftwaffeer.



Russian have a lot of pride in the deeds of their ancestors. They are more proud to talk about the Russia during the great wars than the modern Russia. Andrey’s great Grandad died in combat, and from his mothers side was an amputee after the war. Vikors great grandad died inside a tank. An anti-tank missile from the German lines destroyed his tank. This is not call of duty, these are real people with real relationships to people who are telling this. This part of European history is so fascinating and something which I should focus more on. Viktor was working with the special forces. He was a sniper. He uses a gun which I cant talk about.(No really, its classified) But it was huge, then he showed me the place where there was a monument dedicated to all the children who died in concentration camps. It was really eerie, then he showed me the bush behind it where he did a girl. ( Delete as well as create history). Then a monument for everyone who died in the war, German, Russian, jew, Gypsy. Just a statement to humanity. 

After that Viktor dropped us off at Andreys place and  Andrey made it clear that his sister was moving in and that since space was a little less, we would have to kelambalowski. I don’t know how to thank him for all that he had done and I told him – “ No scenes macha, we will take care of it”(My words exactly). Andrey is one of the most awesome people I know right now and he has a good taste in music too. Which always helps. So I get back and started writing till the sun comes up. Which is like 3 am and then went to sleep.

Mid night snacks.

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