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Hyderabad’s next Top Mallu food joint EP 7- Noble joins The Illuminati

This 30 day series will follow the day to day lives of 3 dudes who have been given the responsibility of opening a mallu restaurant in the city of Hyderabad. None of us have any experience in this vertical prior to this and we are all learning as we go. I thought it would been an interesting idea to join my mates in this quest and document our journey day to day and learn a little bit about the restaurant business and a little bit about ourselves. Expect things to be funny, dramatic and sometimes down right absurd, cause the characters involved have all the attributes to turn this thing on its head. So hopefully, by the end of the month, we will have Hyderabad’s top mallu restaurant.( The metrics of comparison are not quite sure for me at the moment.) But when you and your best mates decide to give it a go. At least all of us will have some fun with it. 




“Machi one hour only da. Fatafat tatoo adichu varaam.”

Both of us knew it was not happening. By this time, India had already lost 5 wickets and was heading towards a hurried exit from the the world cup. Which was bad for us since 

  1. The game will be over soon and our order rates will decrease.
  2. Celebratory orders ( biriyanis) make us more money than the depressed alcohol  touchings orders of fried chicken.

My projections were looking not too good. Then Nobie goes to get a tattoo and the rain starts. Usually, the rain is a good thing, people prefer to stay in and order, rather than go out. It is also a good thing from the perspective of a runner( delivery guy). When me and Jeevan were runners for Zomato for a while. We were getting surged prices to incentives us to go make deliveries during the rain. That surge was taken directly from the customers if I can remember right. 

But unfortunately for us, when there is a short supply of active runners. The server shuts off that area siting a technical difficulty. So the rain offers which was suppose to yield us a spike in business never came. In fact, while the showers were on, no orders came. A positive externality became a negative one. The app also shows that the problem is from our side and not from Swiggy’s. Grow some balls swiggy, Admit you are not paying the runners properly.

As expected, and like how I warned Noble. A big direct delivery order came. And like expected the fatafat turned into a 3 hour session under the needle for Noble. That order had to be delayed.

The next time someone says getting a tattoo is fatafat. OMKV should be the default reply

So I was to myself that evening. With Chandrettan getting the kitchen in order and me making the inventory products list. The inventory had to be done today. 

Sharat ettan. The dude who lives opposite to us came with a small gift for Chandrettan. He also made an order from us. Other than that it was smooth sailing. Our sales report sheet is up. Jeevan is recording the direct sales from Narsingi. I am recording the direct sales from here. At noon and at the end of the day. We update it on the orders based on the Swiggy app. The fact that none of this was done before still baffles me. It is the “ THE FUNDAMENTALS”. But the manpower shortage here and the work load on Jeevan and Noble makes it impossible for them to do anything other than the day to day chores. Maybe the owners should take some time out and take care of this. I don’t think a sustainable business plan can be evolved without paying enough attention to the unglamorous parts of running a business. 

Which is exactly what I am here to do. 

Trust me, it’s not fun or rewarding at the moment. But it is a part of my education. Knowing me, I will learn more from this joint which hasn’t crossed 10k revenue per day since I came here, than from a business school. There is more to learn here than a class room. I can’t sit in a class if I don’t enjoy it. But unlike a classroom. I have responsibilities here. And that is what every young adult  needs, but also makes them uncomfortable are responsibilities. Its easy to go your own way with the IDGAF about everything. And that rebellion is also needed to shape out an individual out of a person. But, when the boy becomes a man. ( I can only talk for guys). Responsibilities are the right of passage. 

But kids my age are not given responsibility. Not allowed to fail. Not given a chance to test their limits. Rather know where you suck at 20 than grow upto be a man baby at 30.

Noble comes late, but here is the catch. He planned to get this tribal design all around his arm. But he brings back this Illuminati sign. I was like WTF? 

He told me they were charging Rs 100 per square inch. That got me interested in it for a moment. But it felt too good to be true. Infant it was. The dude was charging Rs 500 per square inch. But he went ahead with it anyway. 

The end product looks great. I don’t think he understood exactly what the illuminati stands for, but he likes it and that’s all that matters. 


Last post I said today would be a victory if I could get the inventory done. And I have to say, it feels amazing to have finally done it. This place has an inventory. This is going to change the game. We are going to know our consumption rates, our stock status, our expiry dates. And a whole lot more. All of which were just guess work before hand. Progress. And Now comes the difficult part. Being consistent with it. Consistency is what it is all about. I intend to do inventory for the consumables every day. The hardwares once a month and a weekly market run items list status inventory too. 

This is the first step of a whole lot of things which have to be done.

BUT I will take one victory per day for now.


I thought it would be a good idea to create a problem solving group for this where I can crowd source ideas and get some insights from anyone who is interested in how a restaurant works. We can trade a lot of information from the business end and you can help us out with your suggestions and ideas on the finer details. I am attaching this Whatsapp group link. If you are interested. Do come and be part of this 30 day tryst with destiny. 

Whats App group  link –

And if you live in Hyder. Try our specialities on the link –

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