I was out cycling with my mates near Thiruvanmiyur beach when I got a call from my mate Das.
He said there are two dudes who needs a place to stay for the night.

I said bring them around IITM and they can chill with me for the night. 

This was Karma’s way of setting in motion a series of events which inspired a lot of people and made me again, reaffirm my belief that, you are the energy you seek. 

Imagine cycling through India without gears. Staring from the flatlands of Maharasthra and Gujarat and then through the deserts of Rajasthan and the flood plains of the Sindh. While also climbing uphill through the Himalayas all the way to Leh and cycling across the frozen deserts of Ladhak . Making your way down through Himachal, Uttarakhand, UP while also finding time to visit Delhi and the Taj Mahal. Then the route goes East through Bihar and West Bengal and the venture south begins with Orissa and AP and finally they reach Chennai. All the while, cycling. 

That is easily 8000 to 10 k kilometres over the course of 4 months. Insane.

Meet Rahul and Akash, two absolute legends who have more wisdom about life than anyone I have ever met. And they are just two blocks like most of the people reading this. But their actions have elevated them into a new level of consciousness which is of envy to mere mortals like us. 

Feast your eyes on these 

I took the time to listen to their stories and recorded it into a podcast. It was all a bit spontaneous, so I apologise for the quality of the audio. But the message that is conveyed. Let me tell you, thats the sort of shit which starts religions. 

Make sure you have headphones cause this is something you are going to need to listen very carefully to. 








We had a great time in IIT Madras. I showed them around the place and we played football at night. Which was the highlight for them, as for all the experiences they have had so far, the one thing which was missing so far on their trip was the greatest game on earth and I see it as my privilege that I could add that to their already amazing trip. I introduced them to all my homies and they left a sense of awe and admiration in all of them. People are planing to buy cycles next week and fucking start cycling. That’s called making an impact and these two have left a crater the size of that new statue up there somewhere ,in the hearts and minds of these IIT homies.

The next leg of their journey takes them through Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Goa.  So let’s show them what Southern hospitality is all about.

Just hit them up on Instagram if you want to host them, take them out to dinner or just have a chat with them. Cause trust me, these guys have amazing stories to share and the value they will add to you, needs to be experienced to be believed. So lets make sure these legends have an amazing time down South.

Hit them up


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